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CRMtimes - March / April 2003 Edition

CRMtimes is the eNewsletter for Business Managers implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems - including Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Help Desk and Marketing. CRMtimes is aimed specifically at small to medium sized organisations - with 3 to 200 employees.

In this issue
* Welcome
* CRM - An Executive Perspective

* User Story: MPW Australia                                  

* Commence Wins 2003 ISM Award
* Commence RM: Australian Edition
* Technical Desk - Modifying your Commence database
* Forms Expert - Generating a unique identifier
* Your comments and suggestions



Welcome to the March/April Edition of the CRMtimes newsletter. Since we have recently developed our AccountLink software (which provides bi-directional sharing of Commence and MYOB data), we have been approached by many MYOB Certified Consultants who asked to be placed on our CRMtimes list. To those consultants and everyone new to our newsletter we extend our warmest welcome and hope our information is useful to you and keeps you up-to-date with the latest in CRM. 

If anyone missed our OEM partnership announcement with MYOB, the details can be found at:


CRM - An Executive Perspective

You know that you may be missing some sales opportunities; customer service problems are dragging out; some clients are not being looked after as well as you would like... you know you need a CRM solution, but how do you convince management?


User Story: MPW Australia

MPW Australia needed a distributed, shared approach to customer information, and after looking at what was available in the market, purchased Commence. Now four years later, see what they think and how they have extensively customised Commence to meet the requirements of the their business workflow and procedures.


Commence Wins 2003 ISM Award

Commence fills the void in the CRM market for an affordable, ready-to-use solution with rapid implementation and user friendliness that gets users on board quickly and easily - a key to any successful CRM implementation


Commence RM: Australian Edition

Commence RM: Australian Edition has built on the proven Commence technology and it includes a number of features designed especially for Australian businesses. It includes Sales, Customer Service, Contact management and Marketing modules that will make your company a more effective sales and service organisation


Technical Desk - Modifying your Commence database

One of the great features of Commence is the ability to easily customise your database to suit your own requirements. This enables you to get the full power from your database, however there are a few important points you should keep in mind when trying to customise your database:


Forms Expert - Generating a unique identifier

One of the most frequently asked questions is "How do I generate a unique identifier field in Commence?"...well here is how you do it:


Your comments and suggestions

We would welcome any feedback, suggestions or requests for future articles. Please email any comments to

Thank You!


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CRMtimes is published bi-monthly by Advanced User Systems Pty Ltd.

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