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CRMtimes - Q3 2003 Edition

CRMtimes is the eNewsletter for Business Managers implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems - including Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Help Desk and Marketing. CRMtimes is aimed specifically at small to medium sized organisations - with 3 to 200 employees.

In this issue
* Welcome
* Commence Announces the Release of Designer Edition Version 3.0
* New Version of AccountLink 
* Customers Respond Favourably to Annual Maintenance Plan
* Marketing Tip - Bulk Email

* Technical Desk - Colour Codes
* Forms Expert - Setting a Colour Code Field
* Your comments and suggestions



Welcome to the 3rd Quarter Edition of the CRMtimes eNewsletter. The big news in this edition is the release of Designer Edition v3.0. Plus we have some great tips on making the most of colour coding your views. Read on for more information.


Commence Announces the Release of Designer Edition Version 3.0

In October, Commence will release version 3.0 of the Designer Edition. With new ways of presenting and searching for information and a new Detail Form layout and design tool, you can build additional functionality into your Commence applications, while also enhancing ease of use.

New features in Designer Edition v3.0:

  • Detail Forms Designer to incorporate graphics, help text and form controls in Commence forms
  • Enhanced connection control, which now allows additional connected fields to be displayed in the control.
  • Modifications to calendar view, to display concurrent appointments and better support group scheduling
  • Support for latest Microsoft Windows Installer and current operating systems and applications
  • Automated database converter, ensures your custom applications and all data are transferred easily to the new version
  • Enhanced database capacities
  • Faster synchronisation and easier administration

Click here for further details and screen shots


New Version of AccountLink

October will also see the release of our new version of AccountLink - the bi-directional interface between Commence and MYOB. This includes many enhancements such as streamlined integration with MYOB, greater control over synchronisation and an enhanced synchronisation algorithm.

Click here for further information


Customers Respond Favourably To Annual Maintenance Plan

The Commence Maintenance program has been extremely successful, with many customers taking advantage of the low cost plan, to ensure they protect their investment in Commence, with free upgrades and technical support.

Click here for further information


Marketing Tip - Bulk Email

With the explosion in communication via email, this now represents a highly efficient marketing method. This article examines some of the important requirements in a tool to effectively conduct email marketing campaigns, and discusses Commence Connect in this environment.

Click here to read the article


Technical Desk - Colour Codes

Information stored in your Commence database can be made much more meaningful with the addition of colours.  This is a feature of Commence that is often not utilised, even though it is easy to set up. Your appointments can be assigned colours, leads can be prioritised so major opportunities stand out, and your help desk can flag unresolved incidents.

Click here to read the article.


Forms Expert - Setting a Colour Code Field

Following on from the previous article, once you set up your colour coding, you often want to have the colours set automatically. This can be achieved by Agents or VBscripting - or a combination of both.

Click here to read the article.


Your comments and suggestions

We would welcome any feedback, suggestions or requests for future articles. Please email any comments to

Thank You!


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